Sunday, August 2, 2009


.... all 100% original from Arnav. Quoted randomly from age 4.5 years onwards till date.

"Mamma, nobody is a bad person. Some people just make mistakes"

"Mamma, I love the whole world. It is so beautiful. I love the animals and people and the flies"

"Mamma, to be really, really honest... I love myself the most. More than anybody else. Is it OK?"

There were more, but I can remember these for now. This post shall be continued.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Past Life Regression Part 5 and conclusions

.... contd from Past Life Regression Part 4

Session 4
This session focused on relationships in the current life and issues that one might be facing in them. The theory being that whatever issues might be there in the current life would have roots in at least one of the past lives. By identifying the root cause of the problem one would effectively be able to convert these relationships into inherently positive ones. Since I could not really think of any screwed up relationships except the one with the mother in law, I focused on that one.

This session was guided by Dr. Newton again and I very quickly went into a deep trance and here’s what unfolded in this extremely dramatic past life recall.
As I stepped into the light, I saw that I was a Rajasthani woman in the pre-colonial era. I just knew that was the time period. No doubt at all. I was tall, statuesque and I was glowing from within. It was highly conservative society; however I had an unusually high amount of respect and admiration from the village because I was healer. I used my knowledge of plants and herbs to heal major and minor illnesses in the village. I was sought out for my advice on issues. I was living a life with a highly privileged status. I had a big house and brass utensils; I could even recall drinking buttermilk from a brass tumbler. The recall was that vivid!

I moved on to another stage in this life. I had heard that there was an old leper on the outskirts of the village. This was an old lady who had been afflicted by leprosy and did not belong to our village. She had not been allowed to cross the boundary of our village, for the highly conservative village that I belonged to, it was unimaginable to allow a leper amongst their midst. As a healer, I knew I could help her and ever cure her disease. I went up to her and told her I was there to help her with medicines as long as she kept her distance and did not touch me because I knew how contagious the disease was. I also immediately recognized the leper woman to be my mother in law in this life!

However, the old woman had been so deprived of human contact and socially ostracized for so long that despite my warnings, she could not restrain herself and hugged me really tight as I reached out to her with the medicines. I felt such a strong surge of annoyance and irritation at that moment when she hugged me(I experience the same emotion quite often in current life with the mother in law). I knew I had been infected.

I moved forward a few months in the life time and saw that I had been cast out from my village because I had contracted leprosy too. I was now despised. All the love, respect, blind faith was gone. I was treated like a pariah. My son with whom I had a strong bond was not allowed to come near me. He wanted to be with me and I wanted to just see him but the elders in the society kept us separated. My son from that lifetime is The Husband in this one.

The only constant emotion I felt as I lay stricken by the disease was hatred- for the one action by that woman that took away everything from me. I lost my status in society, my son and everything I held dear- I was not even allowed to practice my medicine because of her. Her being needy and clingy had destroyed everything. I had an overwhelming sense of hatred for her until the day I died in that life.

Through this overwhelming pall of hatred, I heard Dr. Newton’s voice guiding us, to stay in the life-between-life stage and review that life. I learnt that my soul that chosen this life to learn the important lesson that all that we acquire on the material plane can be lost in a moment. Even meeting the leper was my soul’s life plan so that I could learn the lesson. She was merely a fulfilling her contract that she had made with my soul. On understanding this, the hatred was gone! The black heaviness that had filled my heart was gone completely and was replaced by understanding.

I continued to follow Dr. Newton’s instructions and returned to the present. I spent some time analyzing my current life relationship with my mother-in-law and found some unbelievable concurrences.
-My biggest gripe with her was that she was too needy and clingy and did not leave us alone
-Every time I would try and help her stand up for herself in front of others, she would end up doing silly things and my effort seemed wasted
-If she ever hugged me or touched me, I would get disgusted and mostly try and get out of reach
-I had white lesions all over my skin for about 2-3 years that eventually disappeared with time. Could be a cellular memory of the leprosy.

Now, she might not even have done any of these, but my past life impressions were so strong, that they spilled over into this life. I do believe that the hatred is gone, I guess time will tell.

We did a 5th session of finding this life’s purpose but I got a little too distracted with external noises and could not go into a deep trance. I can wait until December to find that out I guess :)

We did have many other wonderful mystical and magical experiences, but I am tired of writing for now and those narrations will have to wait :)

Past Life Regression Part 4

.... contd from Past Life Regression Part 3

Session 3
This was on day 2 focused on health issues in our current lives. This was done a little differently using the process of cellular memory. Dr. Newton played a piece of music for 10 minutes and asked us to let our bodies move to the rhythm. No dance steps were needed, we were just asked to let our bodies flow with the music. After 10 minutes he asked us to sit down and focus on our bodies, from head to toe to gather any impressions that we might get. I don’t remember if he put us into a trance after that, but the immediate clear image I got as soon as I sat down and closed my eyes was thus: I was lying on my back, in a rocky terrain somewhere in India, mostly seemed like Andhra Pradesh and there was a big huge boulder on my right leg/ hip joint. My leg was partially severed and there was a lot of blood flowing out. This was the cause of my death. I then heard Dr. Newton’s voice asking us to open our eyes and make a graphical representation of what we had seen on paper. Once that was done, he asked us to take the position we had seen ourselves in, I lay down on my back and he guided us back into that life time.

I was drawn back to the dying scene where there was a large boulder on my hip and my right leg was severed. I could now make out more details of the scene, I was a man again with a short built and a lean frame. I was wearing a blue and green striped lungi (of all things :)) and banian at the time of my death. I could sense other villagers standing a little distance away from me; I could sense a general sadness from the group. However none of them were near me. Surprisingly I could not feel any pain but I could feel a lot of numbness. I clearly remember I was not afraid of dying in that moment. I could hear Dr. Newton’s voice guiding us, asking us to relive that moment and the pain. I did try moving my legs (my physical body during the trance) and it was impossible, I could not move my legs- it was as if someone had pinned them down to the floor. I heard Dr. Newton’s voice asking us to go 1 hour before the death scene and see what we were doing. When I moved backwards from the death scene, instead of moving an hour back, I recalled quite a bit of that lifetime. I was single in that lifetime and had no siblings. My parents had died when I was quite young. The village kids loved me because I was a fun person (no surprises here). The rest of the village also had a lot of love and respect for me, and would often come to me for guidance. I provided a lot of fun to the children in the village. I also saw a white haired man who was an elder in the village; he was my best friend and confidante. This old man from that lifetime is The Husband in this life. We’ve always been together 

I moved forward into the day of my death. The old man, my best friend, has been long gone, and I miss him terribly. About an hour before my death, I have gone to this place where the rest of the villagers are working. They are either digging or tilling the land or something like that, I don’t know what they are doing. It’s a rocky plain surrounded by little hillocks. For fun, I decide to climb one of those hillocks where there are delicately balanced rock formations. While doing so, I slip and fall to the ground and one of big boulders lands on me.

Another impression I get is that the rest of the villagers keep distance because they can’t bear to see me dying (weird villagers). I moved forward to where I was dead, I saw the villagers come and move the rock and carry my dismembered body back to the village.
I moved forward to my cremation, here I see a 13-14 year old village boy performing the last rites. He has been like a son to me in that life. He is in tears as he lights my pyre. I recognize that teenager to be my nephew in the lifetime. Again, this is a soul bond that seems strong… he was with me in the Italian life time too. I also see that the spirit guide that has come to help me transition to the Astral plane is the soul of my best friend, the old man in that lifetime and the husband in this lifetime.

I heard Dr. Newton’s voice asking us to visualize that the dying body was being repaired. It’s a little weird that I saw a Unicorn come there and toss the boulder away with its horn. The unicorn then touched my hip/ severed leg with its horn and my leg was magically whole again. Dr. Newton then guided us out of this session and back to present day. I was amazed with this experience.

The significance of this past life recall was tremendous; I have been experiencing circulatory issues with my right leg for quite a while. About 4 weeks ago I underwent ultrasound scans and discovered that a valve in my right hip/groin joint was not functioning at all. Therefore causing blood to flow only in one direction- downwards and accumulating in my calf region. What is even more amazing is that I had completely forgotten about this medical condition, especially since it’s usually a non-painful silent condition.

To have died because of a boulder severing my leg and cause all veins and arteries to be cut is eerily close to the current problem I am facing. All that remains to be seen is if the valve will begin to function again as before after regression session.

.... contd in Past Life Regression Part 5

Past Life Regression Part 3

.... contd from Past Life Regression Part 3

Session 2
This session was focused on dealing with illogical fears that we might have like fear of heights or fear of water or fear of closed spaces etc. Dr. Lakshmi guided us through this session. I couldn’t really recall any illogical fears that I had, so I thought of the only fear that I had… the insecurity that The Husband would leave me. I heard Dr. Lakshmi’s voice taking us into a deeply relaxing trance and then down a flight of stairs into a circular room with many doors. The third door on my right seemed to attract me a little more and I opened it and with Dr. Lakshmi’s guidance stepped into the light beyond. As I did that, I felt like I was falling down from a cliff. When I landed, I was a in a thick dense coniferous forest with tall evergreen trees. It was a cold place though there was no snow visible. I knew I was in a North American forest. I looked at my feet and I had brown boots on. I was a man in this life time, a wood cutter or something like that. I was someone who did manual labor either cutting trees or working in a timber yard. In the next set of images, I was outside a log cabin which I knew was my house. There was a rust colored horse with a brown saddle tethered outside the cabin. In the next scene, I was inside my house and with my wife- a Native American woman with silky black hair and slanted eyes. I recognized her as The Husband from this life. I then moved on to the next set of images where I was in a timber yard and there was a lot of blood. There was some kind of accident and I had lost my hand. After this scene, I moved a few years ahead where I was slightly older and unable to provide for my wife because of the accident. I had turned spiteful and mean because I lost my sense of self-worth. My wife had taken my horse and left me because she was unable to put up with me anymore. As we were guided towards the end of this life, I saw myself a lonely old man, alone and bitter because she had left me. I quickly came out of the trance and back into this present day.

I did not spend any time in reviewing this lifetime but yet remembered the lessons learnt in that life. I did get a deeper understanding of my baseless insecurity. I could also see a repeating pattern in this life where sometimes in rare arguments; I fly into a fit every time I would perceive the Husband pointing out to an ‘inadequacy’. For e.g. when he’s just casually telling me something about me and I have often ended up thinking ‘oh… does this mean I am unable to provide what he wants’ and I really have flown into a rage. And both of us have been perplexed wondering what it was he said. Now that I know the origin of that sentiment, I don’t think that pattern would ever repeat.

The lesson learnt in that life was that I drove the wife away because of my own bitterness. Despite that, our souls are together in this life, so no one really went anywhere :). We are together again. Lesson learnt… the soul really is eternal and the petty stuff doesn’t matter :)

.... contd in Past Life Regression Part 4

Past Life Regression Part 2

...contd from Past Life Regression Part 1

Session 1
The first regression session was focused towards identifying what skills or talents our souls might have carried forward from my previous lives into this life. Dr. Newton slowly guided us (a total of 50 participants) into a deeply relaxed state, after which he asked us to imagine that we were in a long tunnel with bright light at the end of it. He counted from 10 to 1 and at the count of 1, he asked us to step into the pool of light at the end of the tunnel. Until this point I was clearly conscious of who I was, where I was (in the Pyramid), of The Husband lying down next me and 50 other people in the pyramid with me. The moment I stepped into the light, I heard Dr. Newton asking me to look at my feet and notice what kind of footwear I had on.

I looked down, and I was wearing leather sandals. I looked up and I knew I was in Italy. How? I don’t know. I just knew!! I was on a bright sunlit road lined with beautiful green, brilliant green trees. There were apple trees and the place felt clean and fresh. I could see some white village houses. I was a beautiful, serene looking woman. I was wearing a white dress that fluttered in the gentle breeze. The houses were pure white- white washed-white. I knew I was in a village in Italy. I also knew I was a talented, skilled cook.
In the next set of images, I was in a kitchen with wooden floor. It was not a modern kitchen; it was in a much older time with a stone oven etc. I was in the kitchen making something on the stovetop. The next set of images I saw two children- 1 boy and 1 girl running around in the kitchen. I immediately knew they were my grandchildren. The boy who was freckled and with brown hair caught my attention and I recognized him as my nephew from this life. I heard Dr. Newton’s voice guiding me to the end of this life and the last moments of this life. I saw myself as an old woman now, with pure white hair and wrinkled skin. I still was serene and beautiful and I suddenly saw a bright light (now, the bright light I saw was in that lifetime, but through my closed eyes in the trance I also felt like someone had opened the top of the pyramid and let in bright sunshine) and was pulled towards that light. The experience was so overwhelmingly beautiful that I began sobbing in my trance. As that life came to an end, and guided by Dr. Newton, I reviewed the life, I could only sense a life of content. My soul wanted to experience a life filled with contentment and that was the plan for that life. In fact, my soul had enjoyed it so much that it wanted to do it again. That was the last impression I had. I heard Dr. Newton guiding us back and on the count of 3 he asked us to open our eyes. When I did wake up, I was still overwhelmed with a feeling of deep satisfaction. I could immediately validate quite a few things from my current life that might be linked to this particular past life.
-I took to cooking when I was in my 4th standard
-I do love Italian food and I make unusually good continental food without any prior training since the time I’ve been in school
-My nephew shares a really strong bond with me
-My nephew loves Italian food since the time he was 3 years old. He has no taste for Indian food

.... contd in Past Life Regression Part 3

Past Life Regression Part 1

I’d been reading all about PLR (mostly Dr. Weiss) for almost the last 7 years. I was a believer from the first book I’d read. Over the years my interest deepened and I began looking for PLR therapists in India. We (The Husband and I) found Dr. Newton in Hyderabad but for whatever reason, we never got a chance to experience the process. Suddenly about 4 weeks ago, the husband discovered that Dr. Newton was conducting a workshop in Bangalore; we registered without giving it a second thought.

On Saturday, we drove to the Pyramid Valley, Kanakpura Road- the location of the workshop, here’s what unfolded:

Day one began with breakfast followed by a 3 hour presentation on PLR (this both The Husband and I got bored with- primarily because the content of the presentation was something we knew already through our ‘extensive’ reading). After the presentation, we did a few trance sessions on finding out how we stored and recalled memories, and I discovered I was a visual person. We then did an Age Regression session and an In-utero regression session, both of which brought some distinct known and unknown memories. In fact, during the session I didn’t really believe that I was doing it correctly. It’s only when I spoke to my mom on Monday morning that she validated a lot of those memories telling me there was no way I would have known those things. I am not too inclined to list down those memories especially since there were so many that popped up. My focus right now is to note down my experience with the Past Life Regression sessions which were conducted within the Pyramid.

.... contd in Past Life Regression Part 2

Class Comedian

Arnav refused to go to school this morning. My sis asked him why. This is what he said;

"Yesterday, in class, the teacher asked who is the funniest person. All the kids said 'Arnav', 'Arnav', 'Arnav'. They said I laugh the most and I make everyone laugh. Then they all laughed loudly. After that the teacher scolded me and said school is not the place to come and laugh. I don't like the teacher. She doesn't understand my jokes. I don't want to go to school."

My sis was in splits when she was telling me. I was too.

But I also thought- Stupid Teacher!! Taking away laughter from little kids. Grrr.

On second thoughts, who cares about her. My nephew is the Class Comedian. That too by choice and not circumstance. Can you beat that!